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Mt Angel Abbey and the Alvar Aalto Library

Lecture Hall and Lobby The lecture hall had an undulating wall along the back, covered in fabric and wood slats spaced several inches apart. A floating wood slat ceiling and the stage backdrop are shaped like a fan, similar to the fan shape of the building plan. The tiled lobby ceiling stops with a band of floating wood strips, transitioning to smooth gypsum and large skylights bringing in the natural light, drawing the eye toward the main library space. Library     The monks brew beer at this Abbey- the Black Habit was excellent! Exterior Monk photobomb!       Other Buildings and Grounds of Mt Angel Abbey This building is passively cooled and uses natural lighting throughout. The classrooms have large louvered skylights and a light-diffusing ceiling element made of aluminum triangles with a highly reflective paint finish.      One last look at the unassuming low-profile of the library in the beautiful and serene hilltop abbey.

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